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New Photo/fashion spread!

February 17, 2008

No, it isn’t out yet, and poblibly won’t be out for a while. Anyway the whole idea started with the purhas of Ghost from COIF and the new line, Cachet, High Fashion. I’m flying across the Grid to find over-the-top fashion pieces, such as, but not limited to, Paper Couture, in SL and then doing […]

yet another YAY!

January 18, 2008

I got new pics up on flickr!!! Yay! I did a fashion shoot, which I haven’t done in awhile because of school and the holidays. It is neat. To see the pictures at full fickr size click on the pics over on the left side! <— I am a sexy beast. lol

Best of Jewerly Expo 2007 Freebies! Pt. 2

September 19, 2007

Hi all!! I finally chose Best Ring! Here it is: Best Ring Wow, is all I can say about this ring, as with most of the winners, the detailing on this ring is amazing! I’m stunned the maker of Prinny’s is just starting out in the SL fashion world! I wish you good luck! All […]

Best of Jewerly Expo 2007 Freebies!

September 17, 2007

Yay! So I got the oppunity, yesterday to visit the Jewelry Expo and pick up my favorites! I wanted to cover the freebies because of what amazing quality they are! I define a freebie as 5L$ and lower due to the fact 5L$ won’t break the bank of most of us, although most freebies, presented […]

Club Hex

September 16, 2007

Last night I got the chance to attend a party at Club Hex with the fabulous Arahan Claveau at the dj booth. It was perhaps one of my favorite nights in SL. I was surrounded by so many fabulous people that I can’t wait to go back to the club!!!! I was so pumped for […]

Some pictures!

September 6, 2007

I love taking pictures in Second Life and I will share some of them here! Here are a few pics of my new house! Here I did a shoe shoot! What can you sa, I was bored and I need something to do. I shot the following for a model search. Let’s hope I get […]