As The Second World Goes ‘Round
Just another avatar’s view of Second Life!


So. Second Life is the life that you get to live out your wildest dreams and then some, right? I would say so. But what happens if you start dreaming about achieving things that you can’t in SL? Like living in the big luxury modern house without paying up the wazoo even for SL standards. For me I can’t because it is just to darn expensive. I would be paying $18-$24 for monthly land tier fees for the ocean view estate and sometimes not even an ocean view, $18 for the house, and $11 for the furniture, and then don’t forget about all the clothes i “need”. I don’t want to pay all that rl cash out for something digital, besides as a college student, even though Im living at home, i don’t have that much cash to spend, when there are many other items that i want to have in rl.

Im i supposed to get a third life to live these dreams? A world that doesn’t need rl money in order to live in giant mansions on your own personal island?

I guess Im kinda of tragic like that. In the world where rl desires become virtual reality and then the virtual desires result in nothing but over-the-top, melodramic sobbing. Im doomed to a something philosophical? Nooooooooo!

I think this is my favorite post of all the posts i have written.

BTW im going to post some of my fake ads! And hope to see you at my sl5b exhibit.


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