As The Second World Goes ‘Round
Just another avatar’s view of Second Life!


Hey guys, adia here. I’m swinging on my swing in my backyard with the world’s perfect weather, 70 degrees. lol Anyway, i have been posting pictures like crazy! I can’t seem to stop! Make sure you view and comment! lol



Anyway, Im thinking about dj’ing. I think it would be fun to do every once and awhile,  make some light cash to buy more clothes and perhaps some art.


I wonder how serious im about doing this Vodou exhibit. I have the floor plan built and I have one part of the exhibit done, but I don’t have any textures done, or anything done. I really want to impress the admissions people for when I want to transfer, which will, hopefully will be Fall 09. I feel passionate about it, but some part of me just wants to sleep during the day and careless about everything. Plus on top of that I feel bored. That is the worse feeling in the world to me. I hate being bored and doing pointless things. I want to get out there and do something, even though I have these things that I have planed to do during the summer. I guess I feel like I havent done something noteworthy  in SL. I feel like there is something that i feel like i need to show for the time in sl. Well I guess the fact that I have come back from paralyzing depression with help from sl is something, but still i want to be featured by New World notes, or start a magazine, or something like that. I think it would be fun. But I guess what I’m doing with the Vodou thing is something like that, but I wish I could finish the exhibit quicker than at the pace Im doing it now, because my attention span is so quick lately that I can barely focus on assignments and other things. Perhaps the world looks bad because I’m tired. That could be it. I guess I want to be like Simon Brunozzi, even though my field has nothing to do with SL, at least now and directly. Hmmm Life is funny.




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