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Hey Hey Hey

I have some sad news, Twilight Magazine is going hiatus, due some drama going on in the flickr world. Personally, I think it was the wrong thing to do because allowing drama to win should never happen. Although I’m happy that it will be coming back and I will still be on it, so I might add things from time to time about the art world in SL(tm), although don’t get your hopes up. lol 

Anyway, I have some summer goals and plans on SL(tm) which I would like to share. 

1. I will be working and opening an exhibit on Vodou/Voodoo. I had to do a large term paper and I enjoyed it so much that I decided it would be fun. I also want to do museum work when I’m older, so this might be a good way to see if I like it or not. If you would like to help me out with the exhibit, drop me a notecard about some of the things you would like to help out with. I might put some of the positions on my profile, but I can’t guarantee anything. 

2. Try to update more often. I will be less busy during the summer, so I should be on more and I can give opinions on developments of the Grid. Also maybe,  like I said above, post somethings on the art world. Who knows, I might even work on Hanging Gardens of Babylon Garden Society of Second Life(tm)

3. Meet more people and nurture my older friendships. I want to  meet more  people in the fashion world and the art world, but everyone is welcome to drop me a line if they would like! 🙂

 4. Work on improving my photos and editing skills, which need a lot of work, but hopefully I will improve and be more confidant about my work. 

5. Learn how to use scupties to create furniture. If I get any good, I might even open my own furniture business. If that happens it will be small! Lol I would just have maybe one store in a retail sim. The pieces would be limited edition, depending on the piece, kind of like a real business. Although that is still up in the air.  I think that would be fun to do! 


I guess the themes of the summer is improving and working. It would be great to hear from people about new art exhibits and other events going on the Grid. Hope to hear from you!

Btw New flickr photos—> Be sure to leave a comment! 🙂


Adia Clary


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