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Character roles

Lately I have been referring to Adia as a character, not nessarily an extention of my RL personality. It is really weird. I feel like my actions on SL are a lot more than my actions in RL have been lately. It is weird. Adia is someone who I like and perhaps at one time, was more me than me, but that has reversed itself and it is a weird feeling. I don’t know. I guess it has to do with the fact that I wasn’t feeling good at the time I started and now I’m doing much better, even though this month has been one of those you wish was over in the middle of the month. Perhaps it is all this V-day stuff, and super bowl projections (as in what my mind projected on to the game). Also perhaps all this stuff is so backed up that i need to get it all out, because i haven’t seen my therapist since the beginning of the month and will see her next weekend. Who knows. Anyway, if im not in sl for a while, i need a short break.



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