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Spring has sprung

Okay, may be not, but in the RL fashion world retailers/designers are busy at work. I will be covering each of the RL season’s trends! If I can get around to it (school is starting), I will take pics of my self with the trend on. Each trend will be a different post so that way I don’t need to be up all night. Although I will do the first trend in this post.

1. Around the Grid in 80 days

Trend: Earthy colors, Ethnic prints, Bright flashes of color, Floral

Key Colors: All the Greens, bright rustic yellows, toned down gemstones, neutrals

Key Prints: FLORALS- like not your grandma’s or parent’s couch, lively hued and either non-blured or blured and not over-the-top to the point of gudey. Also tye-dye looks that have the appearance of some type of floral feeling are good choices.

ANIMAL- Big and bold prints are in. Think “Large and In Charge”. Reserve the small prints to either florals or ethnic patterns

ETHNIC- Try outfits from India, Africa, Asia, Native American, or somewhere you don’t reside, Mix and match with favorite mix and match pieces. If the color of the pattern is bright, tone it down with neutral colors

Fashion SAFARI- Structure and Neutral colors are popular to add a touch of masculine style to your outfit!

Key Words: Rustic, Army, Neutral, flowers, Jungle, Floral, Print

Key sillotets(shapes of the outfit): Hard and/or soft shapes that flatter the body, Controlled Volume,

A small selection of SL stores to find bits and pieces for your worldly look.

Earthtones Boutique: Just about everything
Casa Del Shai: Just about everything, though
Roisin is a perfect example of this trend!
Mailtreya: Her wedges are a good buy too for the season!
Immortal: She has some other nice offerings that fall into this trend!
*ICING*: Just about everything


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