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I found something great and I want to share!

Yay, while browsing in a great Japanese shopping sim recommended by the always fabulous Callah Lyon on her blog Soigné I spotted a small little boutique named SHOP SEU and spotted some nice shorts. Further investigation of the store I spotted some nice turtleneck sweaters. I hoped that the stuff wouldn’t be too expensive after buying stockings and some poses from Glanz, and most of the items on Japanese sims aren’t too expensive, but who knows. The sweater is nice and light, so it is good to wear during spring, and depending on your local climate for the summer months/winter months. The shorts are really really nice prim shorts that are poofy, kind of like Veshi’s poofy shorts. The textures are great and the outfits are nicely detailed and not overdone.The colors are neutral and can go with anything.

The sweaters cost 30L$ and the shorts only 90L$. There are three different colors available for both products.


Here is a picture of the outfit:
*Hair: Gwen in Black (Drama Hair pack) from ((Gurl 6)) (dollorbie)
*Skin: Vedette in Ginger from LF CHAI (Second Style Issue #15 freebie)
*Jewelry: Vinyl record earrings from Electric Jane’s (not 100% sure about the name XD)
*Top: Turtleneck in Cream from SHOP SEU
*Shorts: Shorts in Navy from SHOP SEU
*Boots: Kyoto Leather boots in Gold from Armidi
*Stockings: Deliah from Last Call:'(


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