As The Second World Goes ‘Round
Just another avatar’s view of Second Life!


I want to do a lot of things in Second Life. Be somehow involded with the fashion community besides being a consumer. I don’t have the time for long photo shoots, and my photoshop skills are less then to be desired. I don’t have the time to design and run a business. I want to write for a fashion blog or mag. As much as I really want to start another blog, i want to join an established blog or magazine. The idea for my new blog would be taking designs from the runway and finding ways to reproduce the look in SL. Hmmm. Geez, I feel so depressed and I shouldn’t. SL is supposed to be fun, not super-stressful and depressing. I just need another way to get money since I just want to spend, spend, spend, and spend. Hmmm. I don’t really know what to do right now. I really don’t want to leave SL over something really small. There has to be a way to recharge SL. Hmm The first time that I put myself out there on the market for working at a fashion mag was like a month or so ago. The person really liked me and requested a writing sample in which I gave her. I didn’t hear back for a long time. Then the same magazine put out a model search. I was looking through the requirements and it turns out, they don’t like guys playing a female av. That made me think that was the reason why they never got back to me. I have since stopped reading their blog and their magazine, which it always takes a few months to get out when the leader in the fashion magazines is putting an issue out every single month. I really love SL fashion, I get to wear things I could never and most likely never wear in the real world. I think I have something to contribute to the fashion world in SL.

Perhaps I’m just deluding myself again with illusions of grandure. Perhaps I should just do that paper that I want to do, but unfortunatly I have no clue where to start. Frankly, I’m only a lower division undergraduate student. I haven’t taken all these fancy classes that most people on SL have taken while they are in college years ago. This always to tends to happen to me. I want to be in the big leagues when I’m not really there. It somewhat crosses into RL, but oddly enough in someways I have made it to my own personal big leagues and I’m happy about that. Now if I can only cross that over to SL everything would be perfect.

But then again, can we get to perfect? While I tend want perfection, not much actually gets there. And I think with SL perfection is basically within our grasp. Our avatars are mostly stunning, rail-thin, models. People shell out close to $90 USA to buy the most beautiful exclusive boots that have ever graced the Grid.  Plus there is such perfect jewelry that would put a lot of HIGH END RL Designers in panic mode.

Even though I tend to get rapped up in the small details about certain things, I try hard to put everything into perspective. Some days I don’t want perfection in my life. Flaws give the item in question character, reality. If people are so concerned about  using SL not as a game, but a social networking platform, shouldn’t we be less perfect? Now, I don’t know much about relationships, but wouldn’t a flaw diamond be far more romantic because after the ring is put on the finger and  somehow that the person, by the act of the connection of touch be completing diamond, which then no longer is just a piece of jewelry, but a symbol of two spirits love and connection?  God, I so weird.  Most likely there isn’t anyone that believes that and would reject the ring based on the fact it is flawed. Even if they got the most expenisive ring on the plant would still beg for more diamonds.

Wow this topic has really morphed. humf. Perhaps I’m tired and not thinking straight. No because everything i just wrote feels 101% right to me.   But I’m tired. Perhaps we are more likely to say what we really think. Plus, isn’t good to let off some steam every once and awhile to avoid becoming so blocked up with steam that it could power the world for years, which has happened to me before.  Hmmm.


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