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A slight pause and reflection…

Well, I’m thinking about taking everything down and starting over with Pomme de Terre. I will still offer what I have already up, but everything needs to be redone! I will also be taking my time with this because I’m so unexpectedly busy! I have reading, personal, to do,  rl friends to catch up with, books to buy for next semester and what feels like so much more to do than my business! Ahh! lol Also I felt like I rushed my opening because I wanted so badly to open my business. I will also be moving location. I really need the traffic to get things rolling. Oh what else, oh yes, I have to find someway to make clothes. I really suck at complex graphic designs like clothes. I wonder if I could do some hand drawn stuff.

Perhaps, maybe I should change the product. I don’t know. I really like designing furniture, but I’m only so good with prim manipulation and I can’t even figure out how to do sulpties.

This is most likely not the best idea in the world, but perhaps I should do a consulting firm type thing. Im always “designing” fashion shows when I listen to my iPod and coming up with some grand experience, not event, to show off designer’s clothes. Hmmm.

Maybe the business should close, because it is a ton of work and frankly I do not have the time, especially with the next semester coming up and really figuring out what schools I want to apply to transfer to. I really want to focus on my studies for good grades and the like. Not that I would leave SL, but it will go lower on the list of priories. Honestly I thought I had the time for running a business, but now I’m really starting to question that. Also it feels like I have been consciously ignoring my business because I dont really want a lot of stress during the break, since there is enough in rl with the holidays and the like.

Man, I really need to start raising funds for this museum that I want to build. I think it would be really cool, since I do want to write a paper on the many cultures within SL. What to do, what to do? Maybe I should just start interviewing people and taking notes. Perhaps I will just get a paper out of this and not a full scale museum, although I would really like to share my findings with the Grid in an interactive experience. I can see it now. lol Why do I do this to myself. hmm.

Perhaps I should just focus on just doing the paper. Frankly, that is something that I really want to do.  The running of a museum would be a lot more stressful and time consuming than my business. Maybe I can just work at an SL museum. I’m sure there are plenty of SL museums, but then again, they are mostly art galleries,  not a lot of full scale museums, even those are primarly art museums. Perhaps I should look a little harder to find those places, if they exist.

Anyway, I really want to contact the designer of Elegance Hats because I really want to get a custom hat done. It would be a simple hat with three shoots of tulle. I have a copy of what I want it to look like.

Good lord, I have a lot of work to do. Perhaps I should take a break. Well then again, everything seems to be worse off because of the fact that I’m writing this on very little sleep. Although some of my reflections seem to make sense. I hope I can come up with an answer soon.

Look for my best of Holiday freebies coming out after the  new year. I have a ton to sort through. Yes, just like my best of jewelry expo (freebies) I will be making trophies! Yay! lol

Anyway, if I dont blog before the new year, I would like to wish you all a Wonderful New Year 2008! Remember not to drink and drive in RL!!! Be safe, walk back to your pad , get a taxi, bus, limo, party bus, or a non-drinking driver because not only are you putting your and your passagner’s lives in danger, but other motorists and pedresians lives on the line.


3 Responses to “A slight pause and reflection…”

  1. Hiya! I happened across one of your items on Onrez, and thought I’d read your blog as it’s now 6:00 in the morning and I’m still up xD

    Anyways, I just thought I’d let you know that I’m in the same boat you are. Next semester starts in a couple weeks, I need mah books, and I have a sl biz to run (though it’s just startin’ up and really REALLY isn’t anything special yet).

    Oh, and I LOVE how your museum idea sounds. I’ll look ya up if I ever get rich and can help with it =)

  2. You’ve got other more important priorities, so it may be for the best. I made things for myself and friends and didn’t sell anything for quite a while, and dealing with the whole shop thing can be stressful, even though I look at it as a “success” if I can just meet my costs of rent and classifieds and all. I couldn’t imagine trying to run this thing if I were back in college, I’d probably have failed all my classes. As it is I’m _still_ running it more as a hobby than business anyway- I’d love one day to be able to own a sim and have my own playground to build, but I think that’s just a pipedream.

    I love your idea for a museum in SL, what you really need is to find a patron! Too bad I don’t know anyone, but I’m sure there are people out there willing to support these things.

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