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My SL dream…

My SL dream is own and operate a SL museum examine the different cultures, ranging from the BDSM culture to the fashionistas. The only issue like everything else in this world, is money. How do I make some in order to make this a reality? I already know that my parents would not give the cash to buy land. My business, so far has yet to make any money, though my freebie is flying off the vendors. I’m clueless on how to procure donation money. I refuse to take a business/economic class at school because morally I can’t do it. I’m only 20 and I have yet to make an impact on either world. Yeah. Welcome to a small portion of my brain. There are happy parts, just they didn’t want to wake up today. I woke up at 2 then went back to bed til 5. The night before I didnt eat any dinner because I forgot to and then didn’t want to eat late at night. I also read in the closet after playing a little SL in order to be in charge of how big my immediate world is. On top of all that I have a nice chunky english paper to write tonight, which I have to start soon, or risk being up all night before my second finial test, which is late in the day, but yeah.

And now Im thinking about leaving SL all together because I feel like such a failure in SL, partly because of the business, but it has to do with everything! I’m not a great artist like Mr. Clauvau, not a good blogger like Chloe, not a good picture taker like the people on flickr, im a male playing a female av, which is discremated by a certain SL fashion mag and model company, and so on.


Edit: What a doozy of a post. Sorry, I under a lot of stress right now and I kind of snapped, at least it wasn’t a super large snap that was taken out in another way, no not killing myself, just inflicting physical pain to conterbalance the  emotional pain. Don’t get worried, I’m starting to learn how to cope. Luckly a nap was all I needed. So the world looks a little better right now, and Im off to start my English paper that is due in 9 and half hours! Weee!


One Response to “My SL dream…”

  1. I *so* hope that things look brighter for you. I know that we all go through periods of frustration in which nothing seems to be going right and we wonder why we continue to do *anything*.

    If you see me in world, IM me and we’ll chat 🙂

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