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What I’m Thankful for!

In the US, on Thrusday, we celebrated thanksgiving by the most American thing we can do! EAT! lol Personally, I don’t really like turkey all that much except for major holidays, but I love food. Normally people get together often with family and/or friends and have a nice night chatting while eating a deep fried turkey, I’m dying to taste it, though not for the deep fried skin, but the tender meat inside! For a lot of people, me excluded, like to watch American football after the meal, and take a nap, this is more my area, there is something in the turkey that makes people sleepy, totally natural too. Anyway the whole day is to remind ourselves of the things we are most thankful about, but the meaning gets lost in all the food, parades, games, and the like. So for this post, I want to list what I’m thankful for this year.

1. Finding and staying in SL. It has helped me soooooooo much through the past couple of months, I can’t even start to tell you guys how lucky and blessed I am to share the virtual and real world with you. This even goes out to the people that I have never met in-world, but post your feelings and passions on your blogs. It really helped me connect with people, even though you are virtual, because I cut myself off from people around me late March, April. I was never happy to be around people and frankly didn’t like and I just wanted to go home. By connecting with you guys out there, I am making contact with people who I like and enjoy, once school started I was able to reconnect with my old friends that I left because of going to school across the country.

2. My family, frankly I don’t if I would be here right now without their support during several rocky months.

3. My friends both in RL and SL. My friends are the best things in my life. They add sugar, spice, everything nice, arm pit hairs, snails, puppy dog tails, rainbows, neko tails,  diamonds, penii, there is a story behind this one, and so much more that it would take the universe to mention all the things they add to my life.

4. Sanity

Happy Holidays!


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