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I’m lagging bad

Ahhh! The lag is awful! Yep, it came true! Although I think it has more to do with the fact the servers and LL. Anyway here is at least one of the articles I was going to post!

Computer Arts – Designing for Second Life

Anyway, life is finally smoothing out for me, but in SL and in RL.

Fashion Victim opened their new HQ and I love it! One stop stopping at some of my favorite stores in SL. Lately I have been meeting a lot of sl fashion icons while my travels along the grid. It makes me feel like I’m finally arriving at that place that I wanted to be at the beginning of the summer.

Also the revamped Tableau opened too! It is a French Quater theme, but with some bright neon accents. The lighting of the sim is f-ing amazing! I think that lighting can really set the mood of a setting, and Second Life is no different! The colors are both cold and warm cold. It sends chills up my spine. I really like the macabre tone it sets. There is something in me that really likes dark and twisted things, Victorian/Creole New Orleans is one of those places/times I would love to visit. On a side note, Sweeney Todd, a new Tim Burton film is coming out on Christmas. It is a musical, but the songs are deviously dark and brilliant, a Sondhiem musical. I hope it doesn’t go overboard withe the songs, because it is more of an operetta piece than a straight musical. John Doyle won a Tony, theatre’s Oscar, for directing a stripped down version of the muscial, and I was unlucky enough not to see it! 😡 If you would like to find out more on Sweeney Todd, here is the link to the Wikipedia version Sweeney Todd. BTW I heard someone made something for the release of Sweeney Todd.

Anyway, at Tableau they have a tresure hunt going on, there are clues to the locations, but I wont tell where they are, just search the sim for a group of bottles, including the outlying structures

My store has a long way to go and so do my graphic design skills. I will try my best to open by the end of December. I have much more respect for the designers who do put together the detailed designs!! Sometimes that makes me depressed, because I want to achive a higher level of clothes then I can produce. Plus, I have no patience for super detailed work like some of the higher brands, but then again I’m still in school for something totally unrelated to graphics and some other oppunities in the fashion world are starting to open up for me. So, only time will tell.

Wow, I just started to write and now look at what I wrote! lol Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans! I would also like wish all the non-Americans to have a wonderful fall/spring(? for southern hemisphere) day!



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