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Sorry I haven’t been posting very much in recent weeks, rl is driving me to the breaking point in terms of stress! Anyway, I would like to post my thoughts on some of the things going on in SL the past few weeks with me and the rest of the grid! So let me begin!

1. Every Thursday and Friday at 7-9 slt there is a party with a ton of fun people over at Club Hex! Make sure to bring plenty of cash to play the party popper! Every night is a different theme, so dress up and get a chance to earn some cash!

2. I’m going to open my own small store, Pomme de Terre, or Potato. The shop will sell a bunch of fun items like super dupper fun hair, to dresses, and funiture. Im making my first batch of items, so hopefully I will open on Dec. 10, my rl b-day! *hint hink wink wink*

3. One half of the av, Ginny T., the owner and creator of Last Call has passed away. Keep him in your prayers and/or thoughts.

4. I love Tete a Peid’s skins! I never bought one before, but they are really nice. I have to buy a couple more next month!

5.  Happy 6-months to Tobie and Chloe

6. SL got some postive press! Shocking! lol Anyway I will have the links up by the weekend! I cross my heart and hope to lag!



One Response to “Hi!!!”

  1. Awww, thanks Adia! *points to number 5*

    Congrats on the upcoming store! Make sure you give us the SLURL so we can check it out 🙂

    *wonders what all those hints and winks are for* :p

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