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And here we go…

    So I just finished watching Law and Order: SVU and I have a hunch SL will be impacted because of it. The story focused on a perv, who was in love with an underage avatar, that reminded him of an underaged girl that he kidnapped 20 years in the past.

There where all sorts of different things that the owner of this SL-like program did to help the police. This makes my parents nervous because then it implies people can just look up information that we give to LL for our accounts or people can hack into LL’s servers and steal our information. It is a possible reality, and it is good to keep that in mind when playing SL. I actually have some faith in LL in dealing with problems like this, shocking I know, but they tend to act fast when there is trouble a foot. With the current state of the servers, it might be hard to sort through the mess, but it might be easier.

I would not be opposed to some kind of heavy encryption of our account information on tightly secure servers that only the top Second Life admins had access to in the event of something that deals with the police, which we would be notified through email, IMs, and the blog, even if it meant loosing some features and the lag problem would get slightly worse. Also I believe this would  be a heavily favored move by LL among people because it is protecting all our vital information from potential hackers and other people like on the tv show. It would also put my parents at ease.

Sorry I haven’t blogged in awhile, RL is been a bit hectic as of late, but hopefully I can blog some more in the next coming days.


One Response to “And here we go…”

  1. In case you couldn’t tell by my blog post on this episode, I was disappointed by the treatment given SL (under the guise of Another Youniverse). It just perpetuates the idea of SL as a sex platform that in which anything goes. I wish non-users could see the *do anything you want* idea applied to more than just what would be considered sexual deviant or criminal behavior in RL.

    As for the security of our account information, I’m so uninformed about so much internet security stuff that most things relating to it go right over my head. It makes me a little nervous to put that much faith into the hands of LL. I hope my info is safe, but I’ve seen enough stories where client info gets leaked that it’s always a concern.

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