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SL to RL: The pros and cons

Pros (Stuff that I would love to see cross the divide):

1. The clothes. The world would be a much more of a faboo place if the clothes transcended the gap.

2. The builds. It would add so much beauty to the world. Imagine Median City, the Last Call sim, and plenty other builds in RL. That would amazing and world would be much more beautiful.

3. The ability to change genders and shapes at whim. Yep, no more need for plastic surgery or health food! Plus having the ability to change genders would be neat.

4. TPing. It is quicker and more effient! And also it is good the environment.

5. Search tab. Yes, I know we have phone books and internet, but wouldn’t it be nice to type in what you want, see the logo and name, and then tp to it?

Cons (Stuff that can stay on the Grid)

1. The lag. Do I need to explain?

2. Griefers, criminals at a whole other level.

3. The drama, there is enough of it in RL.

4. LL’s super policies! Do I need to explain? Wait, those are in RL anyway!

5. The lag.


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