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Jewerly Class

Hi all! When I was chatting with the designer of IzA, Izira Kirkorin, and she mention that she teaches jewelry making classes and I thought I would give some free advertising! She sent me a notecard with some details and here they are!

Master Jeweler’s Program for Success::


Week 1 Intro – getting started- basic shapes
Week 2 Bangles, Beads, & Chains
Week 3 Mirror or Flip?
Week 4 Tiers Anyone…
Week 5 Twisted Prims
Week 6 Particles – (Guest expert)
Week 7 Scripts – (Guest Expert)
Week 8 GIMP ‘in – introduction to GIMP
Week 9 GIMP 2 – start making simple textures
Week 10 Shoes, Swords, Silks & such
Week 11 Finding a Niche (Fantasy, Goth, Gor)
Week 12 Know thy competition!
Week 13 Designing your own packaging & logo
Week 14 Till crash do we part?
Week 15 The good, the bad, & the laggy
Week 16 Putting it all together now – THE SALE!


This is the only career course in SL that gives you not just the complex prim knowledge, but basic particle script knowledge, simple script basics, and texture abilities to make completely original works of art!

Make no mistake this is an extremely challenging course that will prepare you to earn your future in SL! This program is predicted upon a radical departure from the accepted methods and focuses on developing a strong personal vision. You will learn techniques and strategies to create technically perfect and visually compelling works of art. It is the extraordinary student-instructor relationship that makes the realization of one’s goals and creative vision possible.

You will meet a lot of talented, creative individuals like yourself and forge close bonds as we work together to complete your tasks and goals. I am totally committed to YOUR success!

For further information on class pricing send a notecard to Izira Kirkorin – make your name the title of the card and state your request inside.

I’m really thinking about taking the class because it is so in depth about every detail that goes into making a successful brand. Hope to see you in class!


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