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Best of Jewerly Expo 2007 Freebies!

Yay! So I got the oppunity, yesterday to visit the Jewelry Expo and pick up my favorites! I wanted to cover the freebies because of what amazing quality they are! I define a freebie as 5L$ and lower due to the fact 5L$ won’t break the bank of most of us, although most freebies, presented here are 0L$! I may have missed some freebies, or the vendor wasn’t set up, so there could be something I missed and liked better! I also may go back to find a free ring that will be a seperate post from this post.

Best Necklace & Best in Show (freebie)
Best Necklace - Freebie
What can I say about this necklace from Illusions. It really is one of the most stunning pieces at the expo and best part it is only 1L$. The texture is amazing, the level of detail is amazing too! The best part about it as well, is that you get all five finishes.

Best Set
Best Set - Freebie
The colors in this item are stunning. I normally don’t like gold jewelry, but the color is a bit more tan then yellow. Also I love the sapphires, it is such a beautiful color! From IzA

Best Bangle
Best Bangle - Freebie
This bangle is great. I love the simple detail in this object. The prim work is great! I also really like the colors. Normally these colors (Gunmetal/Jade[shown] and Gunmetal/Moonstone) would make everything kind of earthy, but they seem kind of glamorous! From Cailyn’s

Best Earrings
Best Earrings - freebie
[Woo’s] is among the most colorful stalls at the expo! And so is her stuff! It is zany and just a lot of fun. She is also offering a thing of bangles in a similar color and texture sheme. The earrings are just plain fun and worthy of being worn at some Best Dressed contests! The the earrings also come in black inside.

Best Other
Best Other- freebie
Since not all jewelry is confined to rings, necklaces, etc. I thought it would be nice to feature the other category. The lipring is from Synthetic Memory a store speciallizing in piercings! The reason why I like this is due to the fact that the designer was able to create a small piece of jewelry with this kind of detail! This piece also comes in copper.

Best Non-Jewelry
Best Non-Jewerly - Freebie*
Some designers were sly and added some of their other wears besides jewelry. This hat from IzA is one of my favorites in SL. It is a hat that is meant to show off!.

All the hair is from ETD, the outfit is Cherie from Simone!, and the makeup is from Sin Skins. Click the photos to see them more in depth.

If you are planning to go to the expo, be sure to take off heavily primed objects out, because it will make the sim run quicker and easier for everyone at the event. Also be sure to donate to the American Red Cross!


2 Responses to “Best of Jewerly Expo 2007 Freebies!”

  1. Wow! I’m so displaying this is my shop! Thank you Thank you Thank you, Adia!!!

  2. Aww thank you Aida 🙂 This is the first award I’ve won! *hugs*

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