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SL Jewelry Exposition 2007

From the Second Life Jewelry Exposition 2007 website:


Jewelry Exposition 2007 is a showcase of over forty of Second Life’s jewelry designers, taking place from Saturday, September 15 to Saturday, September 22. It includes designer-run events and an ongoing treasure hunt, and it culminates in an auction to benefit the American Red Cross.

Following the Exposition is as easy as joining the in world group Jewelry Exposition 2007, or by watching the website, Jewelry Exposition is presented with the help of OnRez.

Participating Jewelers

Merchants currently signed up for the Exposition include:

* Accacia Brissot (Infernal)
* Alienbear Gupte (Alienbear Design)
* Allegory Malaprop (Schadenfreude)
* Aly Lowey (Sashà Jewels)
* Ameshin Yossarian (Curious Kitties)
* Angelia Burali (Mad About….)
* Anjo Mirabeau (Anjo’s Adorables)
* Ann Otoole (Unique Needs)
* Anna Adamant (Jewelry by Anna)
* Anna Valeeva (Bijoux Fine Jewelry)
* Antoine Burroughs (Burroughs Jewelry)
* Aquiel Aero
* Arkesh Baral (Ephemeral Creations)
* Arianne Petion and Imzadi Giles (Split Decision)
* Ashira Legien (Ashira’s Aerie)
* Azzaza Sands (Zazza’s Jewels)
* Bella Ahn (LusaBella Jewels)
* BelleJupe Bates
* Birdi Dangle (Precious Jewels)
* Britneyj Crimson (SecondMirage)
* Cailyn Miller (Cailyn’s)
* Caliah Lyon (Muse)
* Calla Cela (One Size Fits All)
* Candy Cerveau (Eye Candy Designs)
* Caroline Apollo (Caroline’s Jewelry)
* Cinthia Eckersley (Orchid Jewelry)
* Cora Lu (Paper Couture)
* DarionMonkee Levitt (**DM**)
* DBDigital Epsilon (Digital Designs)
* Delena Cortes (Syncope)
* Delerium Hannibal and Emmanuelle LaFollette (DelEmma Design Group)
* Delfina Vacano (Charmed)
* Dnel DaSilva (Xessories)
* Dominic Nico and Joella Nico (Nico Creations)
* Eisai Brody (Sai’s)
* Elexor Matador (Elexor Matador Jewelry)
* elka Lehane (Boing Fromage)
* Eolande Elvehjem (Accessories by Eolande)
* Fallingwater Cellardoor (Shiny Things)
* Fiachra Lach (Essentia)
* Fianna Idora (Ooo, Shiny!)
* Francis Kline (Geometrica Design)
* fyrepunx Leader and Jasmin Marquez (ELEMENTS)
* Hacker Jannings (HJC Fine Jewelry)
* Helen Dayton (Imaginations)
* Hibiscus Flossberg (Hi-Flo, The Hidden Jewel)
* Izira Kirkorian (IzA Boutique)
* Jackal Ennui (Lassitude and Ennui)
* Jordan Morgenrote (Jordan’s)
* Kallista Olivier (Kallista Kreations)
* Kandace Commons (Vertically Challenged)
* Kennedy Fairlane (Fairlane Fashions and Furnishings)
* Kesseret Steeplechase (KessKreations)
* Kianeira MacDiarmid (Dalriada)
* kijai Yer
* Kingston Augustus (turnstyle)
* Koge Cleaver ({JUNK})
* Little Penguin
* Lori Kohl (Lori Kohl Fine Jewelry)
* Lucas Lameth (Earthtones Boutique)
* Lux Yao (Amaretto)
* Merla Rosenberg (merla)
* Mhaijik Guillaume (Mhaijik Things)
* Midori Mikazuki
* Miriel Enfield (Miriel)
* Mnemosynthe Ash (Synthetic Memory)
* Ninja Petion and Zoey Pinkdot (Digital Dragon Designs)
* Paloma Rhode (Flourish!)
* Pasha Korvin (KorvinKreations)
* Pearlie Pedro (Miam Miam)
* Phia Vaughan and Sampson Suntzu (Simply Spoiled)
* Polly Pavlova (Drifting Sands Designs)
* Polyester Partridge (Yummy)
* Princessia Petunia (Prinny’s Prims)
* Raven Callisto (7 Deadly Prims)
* Raven Rosebud (Sub Rosa)
* Ravenlynn Templar (Liquid Velvet Studios)
* Rick Burton (Jewelry by Rick)
* Rox Arten (Secrets of Gaia)
* Saga Felix (SAGA)
* Shimada Yoshikawa (Shimada Bling)
* Sian Birke (b.l.i.n.g.)
* Siyu Suen (*~* Illusions *~*)
* Sparkle Skye (Allure)
* Storm Babeli (Purple Rose Jewelry)
* Wednesday Soon (Woo’s!)

Apparently there are going freebies! So go and have a ball!


One Response to “SL Jewelry Exposition 2007”

  1. Its a great event! I encourage those who haven’t gone to take a look do so now. Only 40 people can enter at a time the lag is very minimal for an event of this size!

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