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Does fame = quality?

I came across this article in Second Life Insider about how Anshe Chung, land baroness, has started a new line of products that only cost 10$L. I wandered over to the place where she posted the products and I can’t say I’m impressed with the quality. While they look nice, they are simple and just seem to SL versions of RL items. Also the stuff is sooo basic that I could make it on my own. Apparently she has a RL company that is designing these things for her. I don’t quite get it. SL is just a game online. Also this will then take away business from the creators that charge 100$L to 700$L for things that are more original than what the ACS (Anshe Chung Studios) is producing. From glancing at the comments and different blogs, it seems that people don’t really like ACS.

Here is one of the pictures of the objects offered:

Here are a few links on this scandel:
Buy Anshe’s Stuff for 10$L at Second Life Insider
One Ten Linden Girl at TVOR
SL Exchange Forum

Here is a link to a newspaper article about Anshe’s past and company:
Anshe’s kinky past revealed at Sydney Morning Herald


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