As The Second World Goes ‘Round
Just another avatar’s view of Second Life!

You’re kidding, right?

So, I was reading Second Life Insider this morning and found an article about an avatar that will store and play your movies for $5-$80 USD. This begs the question, is it really worth it?? I can find a whole bunch of places that will host your media for free, provided a limit on the amount you can upload. I don’t want to pay extra money for something I can do for free and still have all the perks. Then the person is holding a contest for the best movie, you have to upload it to YouTube, which doesn’t really have the best compression rates, that will then be turned into a Quicktime movie and then it will be projected on a movie screen. Won’t that cause massive pixeliation of the movie?

Here is the link! Tube2SL makes virtual screenings a reality


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