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A Place to Call Home

I finally decided to buy a plot of land. For awhile, I have been thinking about getting some place to call my own. I wanted to have a place where I could chat with friends, change clothes, to free my imagination in a 512 plot. I was lucky to get so cheap. I found this plot for just over 3000 $L. That is the lowest I have every seen land that size untired. I was looking all over the area and then I saw someone eyeing my plot and ran over and bought it. When I logged in today to do some decorating, I saw that a different company owned a bunch of plots around me. I also saw a 16 plot. I was temped to buy the spot so that way I wouldn’t have to deal with ad farms, because there was one ad farm in back of me. But that would have given me too much land and I would be charged $5 more. I think of the one of the things that Linen Labs should ban is ad farms, large amounts of 16 plots with cubes that rotate with ads all over them.  It gets really bothersome and laggy. But of course Linden Labs doesn’t want to ban the people think what they should ban and the stuff we like, they ban! Although, the whole thing about ageplay, I’m somewhat against it, in my personal morallity, but as long as it is two confirmed and consenting adults in a private place, either through IM or a private plot.  Anyway! Night all!


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