As The Second World Goes ‘Round
Just another avatar’s view of Second Life!

Rudeness and Seeing What Things for What They Really Are

I play a female avatar and I’m a guy in real life.

A few days ago I met a really cool guy. We where from the same area and it was fun chatting with him. I tp’ed to Celedon and brought him there. As we were talking, he invited me to go dancing. I thought he meant as friends. Apparently not. Once I told him that I’m a guy, be bolted. That was really rude. I understand you want to find a nice girl in Second Life, but you have to be careful. He told me that he liked things upfront. That is understandable especially when you are looking for the ONE. But when you are in Second Life, things can get a little tricky. So people like me, who use different av, other than an improved self, are some what descrimated aganist because we choose a different look than an idealized of ourselves.  We are different personalies than what we truely are in RL and some people, like me, are trying to figure out who we are in RL. If you really want to everything up front, you really shouldn’t play Second Life because it is only ruled by people’s imaginations and LL.

Second Life is intersting!


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