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So. Second Life is the life that you get to live out your wildest dreams and then some, right? I would say so. But what happens if you start dreaming about achieving things that you can’t in SL? Like living in the big luxury modern house without paying up the wazoo even for SL standards. For me I can’t because it is just to darn expensive. I would be paying $18-$24 for monthly land tier fees for the ocean view estate and sometimes not even an ocean view, $18 for the house, and $11 for the furniture, and then don’t forget about all the clothes i “need”. I don’t want to pay all that rl cash out for something digital, besides as a college student, even though Im living at home, i don’t have that much cash to spend, when there are many other items that i want to have in rl.

Im i supposed to get a third life to live these dreams? A world that doesn’t need rl money in order to live in giant mansions on your own personal island?

I guess Im kinda of tragic like that. In the world where rl desires become virtual reality and then the virtual desires result in nothing but over-the-top, melodramic sobbing. Im doomed to a something philosophical? Nooooooooo!

I think this is my favorite post of all the posts i have written.

BTW im going to post some of my fake ads! And hope to see you at my sl5b exhibit.


Why does this stuff still happen? Check out designer and artist Eshi Otawara’s blog. She is being booted out of the country on something stupid. Keep her in your thoughts!

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Hey guys, adia here. I’m swinging on my swing in my backyard with the world’s perfect weather, 70 degrees. lol Anyway, i have been posting pictures like crazy! I can’t seem to stop! Make sure you view and comment! lol



Anyway, Im thinking about dj’ing. I think it would be fun to do every once and awhile,  make some light cash to buy more clothes and perhaps some art.


I wonder how serious im about doing this Vodou exhibit. I have the floor plan built and I have one part of the exhibit done, but I don’t have any textures done, or anything done. I really want to impress the admissions people for when I want to transfer, which will, hopefully will be Fall 09. I feel passionate about it, but some part of me just wants to sleep during the day and careless about everything. Plus on top of that I feel bored. That is the worse feeling in the world to me. I hate being bored and doing pointless things. I want to get out there and do something, even though I have these things that I have planed to do during the summer. I guess I feel like I havent done something noteworthy  in SL. I feel like there is something that i feel like i need to show for the time in sl. Well I guess the fact that I have come back from paralyzing depression with help from sl is something, but still i want to be featured by New World notes, or start a magazine, or something like that. I think it would be fun. But I guess what I’m doing with the Vodou thing is something like that, but I wish I could finish the exhibit quicker than at the pace Im doing it now, because my attention span is so quick lately that I can barely focus on assignments and other things. Perhaps the world looks bad because I’m tired. That could be it. I guess I want to be like Simon Brunozzi, even though my field has nothing to do with SL, at least now and directly. Hmmm Life is funny.




I have some sad news, Twilight Magazine is going hiatus, due some drama going on in the flickr world. Personally, I think it was the wrong thing to do because allowing drama to win should never happen. Although I’m happy that it will be coming back and I will still be on it, so I might add things from time to time about the art world in SL(tm), although don’t get your hopes up. lol 

Anyway, I have some summer goals and plans on SL(tm) which I would like to share. 

1. I will be working and opening an exhibit on Vodou/Voodoo. I had to do a large term paper and I enjoyed it so much that I decided it would be fun. I also want to do museum work when I’m older, so this might be a good way to see if I like it or not. If you would like to help me out with the exhibit, drop me a notecard about some of the things you would like to help out with. I might put some of the positions on my profile, but I can’t guarantee anything. 

2. Try to update more often. I will be less busy during the summer, so I should be on more and I can give opinions on developments of the Grid. Also maybe,  like I said above, post somethings on the art world. Who knows, I might even work on Hanging Gardens of Babylon Garden Society of Second Life(tm)

3. Meet more people and nurture my older friendships. I want to  meet more  people in the fashion world and the art world, but everyone is welcome to drop me a line if they would like! 🙂

 4. Work on improving my photos and editing skills, which need a lot of work, but hopefully I will improve and be more confidant about my work. 

5. Learn how to use scupties to create furniture. If I get any good, I might even open my own furniture business. If that happens it will be small! Lol I would just have maybe one store in a retail sim. The pieces would be limited edition, depending on the piece, kind of like a real business. Although that is still up in the air.  I think that would be fun to do! 


I guess the themes of the summer is improving and working. It would be great to hear from people about new art exhibits and other events going on the Grid. Hope to hear from you!

Btw New flickr photos—> Be sure to leave a comment! 🙂


Adia Clary


I have soooooooooooooooooooo busy with rl that it has kept me away from Second Life(tm). I have some news to say I am on the staff of Twilight Magazine! I was referred by a friend who is one of the editors and they liked me! Yay! I’m finally doing something other than taking pictures of myself and shopping! lol  I will post a link to the first issue, which i didn’t work on. It is a great art magazine and I encourage everyone to read the first issue!



bored. I can’t stand it. I want to do something else than just purchase clothes and just talking with friends, not that it that isnt fun anymore, I just want to do something else. I don’t want a job in sl because frankly I don’t have the time and my hours on sl are starting to get few and far between. I want to curate a gallery or a museum exhibit in SL, which I’m thinking about doing one that is really informal and just on a sandbox for a few hours, but I would like to do something more permanent, perhaps at one of the many college campuses on SL. I think it would look somewhat good on my RL resume, although I’m not quite sure. What do you guys think?

Hmm? What to do, what to do.

Anyway, I got three pictures so far on my fashion shoot, but I don’t know if I’m going to continue with the shoot.

And I just reemembered paper couture released their spring collection. And I love almost every single piece. Some of them are a bit odd, but that is good ole paper. My favorite piece of the pieces that I bought would have to be the rosette dress. It is very Nina Ricci, with the diffferent layers of fabric. The scupties are impressive and I feel like a million bucks. lol On the whole the collection is very Christian Siriano, the winner of last season’s Project Runway. It has a lot of volume pieces with antique and tea party touches. Cora Lu outdid herself, with the introduction of hair. The jewerly pieces accent the whole collection. I really like the champane pearl necklace set. She also did a really nice sapphire and diamond set with amazing textures. BTW many of her old pieces are still at the tableau store, which I had to get some. Oh, I almost forgot, Paper now has skin! I don’t know what Lu is selling them, all I know is that they are Toast Bard’s wonderful skins and are selling for 800 a pop, which is a decent price for a quality skin, although I perfer 500 because it is a bit more afordable for me, at least.

Her are my Top 5 Must haves from the Paper Couture Spring Collection 2008

1. Rosette

2. Davinci

3. Delicate China

4. Romantic S…. (I can’t spell it lol)

5. Any wig of your desire


lol I still live. I have been very busy in RL! I will be posting a new photo shoot late this weekend! It is my high fashion shoot that I have been cris-crossing the grid for the right outfits and such! I can’t wait!



I wanted a change, so i changed! lol yay for orange!


Lately I have been referring to Adia as a character, not nessarily an extention of my RL personality. It is really weird. I feel like my actions on SL are a lot more than my actions in RL have been lately. It is weird. Adia is someone who I like and perhaps at one time, was more me than me, but that has reversed itself and it is a weird feeling. I don’t know. I guess it has to do with the fact that I wasn’t feeling good at the time I started and now I’m doing much better, even though this month has been one of those you wish was over in the middle of the month. Perhaps it is all this V-day stuff, and super bowl projections (as in what my mind projected on to the game). Also perhaps all this stuff is so backed up that i need to get it all out, because i haven’t seen my therapist since the beginning of the month and will see her next weekend. Who knows. Anyway, if im not in sl for a while, i need a short break.



No, it isn’t out yet, and poblibly won’t be out for a while. Anyway the whole idea started with the purhas of Ghost from COIF and the new line, Cachet, High Fashion. I’m flying across the Grid to find over-the-top fashion pieces, such as, but not limited to, Paper Couture, in SL and then doing a photo spread and then posting it up on flickr and here! If there are any designers that read my blog and your pieces are over the top and you would love to be included in the shoot, drop me an IM or a notecard and perhaps a few pics that would be great, and then we can discuss the payment options.